BBCalc (Body Building Calculators) is a set of calculators related to body building and fitness topics.

BBCalc is an OS-independent application and is known to run on GNU/Linux. Probably, it will run on other POSIX compatible operating systems where GTK+ libraries are available, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris. BBCalc is written in the Python programming language and uses PyGTK and GLADE for the GUI.

This application has been developed by Basil Shubin. You can contact me at basil.shubin [guess what] gmail [dot] com or just visit my blog.


Body Building calculators:

  • Ideal Body Measurements for men
  • Predict One-Rep Maximum

Fitness calculators:

  • Body Fat Estimator for non-athlete
  • Body Mass Index for non-athletes
  • Calories Burned while running

Miscellaneous calculators:

  • Weight Units Converter


Body fat estimator About application dialog Ideal body measurements


The latest available version of BBCalc is 0.8

System Requirements

BBCalc requires the following libraries:

  • Python 2.3 or later
  • PyGTK 2.6.1 or later (including GLADE)

See README file for more details. If you are using a modern GNU/Linux distribution you will probably find these libraries already installed.


BBCalc's tarballs are available on sf.net downloads page.

Debian / Ubuntu

Debian/Ubuntu package is available on sf.net downloads page.


Of course there are *NO* bugs. In the unlikely case you find one, here are the relevant links: